Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sunrise in Sausalito

Have you ever run through a city during the darkest hours of night, up until the wee hours of morning? If not you're missing out...

Watching the dark empty streets slowly coming to life with the morning dew, old men out walking their dogs, young woman power walking, fisherman setting off to retrieve the "daily catch" and me and my partner in crime, soaking it all in...

I will never forget the warm feelings I felt as the sun was rising on this beautiful morning in Sausalito. It must have been a mixture of the rising sun, the crisp air, my gorgeous surroundings and a couple of chance encounters with with two very significant strangers.. but whatever it was, I was starting to feel hopeful.

I've been learning so many lessons during this journey and facing so many of my fears and insecurities in ways that are so in my face, there is no way they can be ignored. Its almost like I'm waking up to the reality of my own existence. I have gained this acute awareness of myself and the people closest to me. Things I was unaware of before hit me at the strangest most unexpected times. I can see everything so clearly now and I know Bryant is right here guiding me holding my hand and loving me hard..




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