Sunday, June 15, 2014

Clark County Fair...

with my baby girl, and her boy...

I know they are supposed to grow up, I know that... but this is my baby, she's supposed to want to cuddle and tag along with me everywhere I go until the end of time, right? right...

Something happened to my baby over the past year, while I was living in a half zombie like state of grief and heartache, half expecting the world to slow down and wait for me to catch up, half expecting my children's lives to be put on hold too... 
No. The world doesn't stop for the grieving, and she didn't stop growing up. But she has changed, and she is stronger than I've ever been.. 

She is loving, kind, compassionate, sensitive, talented, generous, funny, quirky, she has a wonderful sense of style and  a pretty good head on her shoulders too... She has become a lovely young woman. A young woman who I am immensely proud of, and grateful for. She has proven to be excellent at balancing responsibility and independence. She got her first job at a local candy store (the oldest store in town). and she has also allowed a young man to steal her heart.. (sigh)

Yes, my baby is growing up, and I'm oddly okay with that.. So, she doesn't want to cuddle and tag along with me everywhere I go until the end of time anymore.. She will still hold my hand as we cry at the same parts of sad movie.. Phew! thankfully, she does still need her mommy sometimes..

No, our world is not right yet, we are still broken, we may always be a little broken, but we are getting stronger, and my heart swells with so much love for the beautiful children I still have.

I'm getting to know the boyfriend a little better. he's a good match for my girl, he makes her smile. a lot. and I'm okay with that too...




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